Dual SRS Air Bags

Deploying when there's a strong impact to the front of the car, these air bags work together with the seat belts to minimise injury to the head and torso of the driver and front passenger.
*SRS: Supplemental Restraint System
SRS Curtain Shield Air Bags and SRS Side Air Bags

An SRS Curtain Shield Air Bag is contained within the front pillar and roof side on each side of the car. Should the car receive a strong impact from the side, the air bag inflates to help protect the driver and front-seat passenger from injuries to the side of the head. At the same time, an SRS Side Air Bag on each side inflates to help protect the driver and front-seat passenger from injuries to the torso.
Head Impact Protection

Certain types of collisions can result in an occupant's head striking the upper parts of the cabin. To minimise the possibility of injury in these cases, resin-moulded ribs are set inside the front, centre and quarter pillars and a honeycomb material is attached to the roof side rail.
Front Seat Belts with Pretensioner and Force Limiting Mechanism

Should the car be subjected to a strong impact, the pretensioner instantly reels in any slack in the front seat belts, improving their restraint effectiveness. Should the force exerted on a seat belt exceed a preset amount, the force limiter continues to support it while loosening the belt to lessen the force applied to the user's chest.
Power Door Lock with Impact-Sensing Release System

Should a collision occur, this system automatically unlocks the doors and turns on the hazard flasher and room lamp. This helps minimise secondary damage or injury by alerting nearby drivers and facilitating escape and rescue. If a relatively major impact is detected, the system automatically cuts the fuel supply, reducing the danger of fire.