Intelligent Catalyst
Daihatsu has developed the world's first "intelligent catalyst" with a precious metal (palladium) that self-regenerates by utilising the natural oxidation-reduction fluctuation in exhaust gas. This regenerating effect helps the catalyst maintain its initial performance for purifying the exhaust gas.

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DVVT (Dynamic Variable Valve Timing)

A computer optimises the valve timing according to such conditions as engine rpms and how far the accelerator pedal is depressed.
Daihatsu Original Catalyst

Daihatsu's original technology led to development of this compact, high-performance, long-lasting catalyst for purifying exhaust gas. It replaces previous complicated, expensive systems that incorporate three separate catalyst converters. Called a "manifold converter" (it's placed close to the engine), the new catalyst has just one catalytic converter yet achieves Japan's ULEV (Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle) standards
Two O2-Sensor System

This system places one O2 sensor upstream and one downstream from the Daihatsu Original Catalyst. The sensors detect oxygen levels in the exhaust gas and adjust the air/fuel ratio accordingly to maintain superior CO, HC, and NOx purification.