Toward safer & more reliable automobiles

To condense the desired features of an automobile into a compact-car format, we utilize a full range of test equipment, test drive environments, and computer simulations during our R&D into new technology. In particular, we are uncompromising where safety, movement, cornering, stopping and environmental impact are concerned.
Daihatsu is also involved in research into several next-generation technologies for a safer, more rewarding driving experience. These include ITS (intelligent transport system), a traffic safety system of the future that will feature intelligent vehicles and utilize electronics technology, ASV (advanced safety vehicle), featuring a Rear Crash Avoidance System with functions for measuring and signaling the distance between cars, plus automatic braking, and DVS (Daihatsu vehicle stability control system) for side-slip control.
In the vicinity of beautiful Lake Biwa, surrounded by greenery, the Shiga Technical Center features the latest research equipment as well as a test course. Here, in all weathers and road conditions, Daihatsu vehicles undergo stringent and repeated testing to realize the goal of improved safety, comfort and economy.