At Daihatsu Motor, we have made a tradition out of keeping things compact. Our aim has been to create a small car with “endless efficiency” and “ultimate practicality” an automotive dream.

Company Name : Daihatsu Motor Co.,Ltd.

Subsidiary of Toyota Motor Company

Established : March 1, 1907
President : Teruyuki Minoura
Min Business : 1. Manufacture, sale and repair of automobiles, industrial and other     vehicles and parts.
  : 2. Manufacture, sale and repair of engines, machines and fixtures and     parts.
Capital :

¥ 2804 billion (Rounded off to the nearest $ 100 million)

Headquarters : 1-1 Daihatsu-cho, Ikeda, Osaka
563-8651 Tel +81-72-751-8811
Employees :

29,562 (Consolidated) 10,476 (Parent only) As of April 1,2005

Consolidated Companies : 61
Equity Method Affiliate : 21

Daihatsu Reaches the 25 Million Mark A Milestone in Total Cumulative Production

Daihatsu manufactured its first car in 1930, when the three-wheeled HA Model made its debut. Now, in May 2005 some 75 years after manufacturing began – the company has reached a major milestone: total cumulative production (including vehicles manufactured on consignment) has surpassed the 25 million mark.

Of the 25 million vehicles produced, more than 14 million were mini cars*, accounting for almost 57% of the total. Slightly more than 5 million were small cars.

While the ever-popular Mira (called Cuore or Charade in overseas markets) remains as Daihatsu’s flagship model, in recent years the company has offered a steady stream of vehicles, such as the Copen, Japan’s first mini car with an electrically retractable hardtop.

Daihatsu vehicles have enjoyed solid popularity with a wide range of customers both in Japan and overseas. Sales of new vehicles continue to climb year after year, and as a result, all of the company’s manufacturing plants have had to increase production capacity to meet demand.

* Mini cars have a maximum length of 3.4 meters, and a maximum width of 1.48 meters.

Daihatsu´s first automobile, the HA model, rolled off the line in 1930.
The first Cuore of 1980, which remains as Daihatsu´s flagship model today after 25 years
The sporty Copen brought new energy to the Daihatsu brand image.